Republican Party U.S presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday, during the third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas said he won't commit to accepting the November 8 U.S presidential election results. Trump in the last one week has claimed that the election process was being rigged against him as even dead people's names had been brought up in the voter's register.
When asked by moderator Chris Wallace if he'll accept the election results, he said;

“I will look at it at the time,” the Republican nominee said, referring to the election results.  When he was further pressed by Fox News moderator Chris Wallace to answer the question directly, Trump said, “I will keep you in suspense.”

But Donald Trump's position is different to that taken by his daughter Ivanka and his running mate Mike Pence. Asked on Wednesday whether her father would concede if he loses, Ivanka Trump said he would accept the outcome of the election.

Earlier this week, Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, said:
“We will absolutely accept the result of the election.”
Trump on Wednesday also said Hillary Clinton should not have been allowed to run for president.
“In that respect I say that it’s rigged,” he said. “She should never have been allowed.”
Clinton responded, calling Trump’s comments “horrifying.”
“I, for one, am appalled someone who is nominee of one of our major parties would question the integrity of our election process,” she said.