Sunday marked three years since well-known comedian Nina Hastie took charge of her life and quit alcohol.

Taking to social media recently, Nina took a trip down memory lane to reflect on how far she's come.
"On Sunday the 16th of October I will be celebrating 3 years of sobriety. I turned my life around," Nina wrote on Instagram.
Nina explained that before she made a change in her life she was miserable.
"I suffered from severe depression and anxiety, I was miserable and negative and broke and angry. I hated everyone, most of all myself. I had run out of love and favours. I lost my car, my house, my friends, my family," she said.
Three years later and Nina has a new lease of life.
"I am grateful every single day for the opportunity to live this magical life. If you are without hope, look at this picture. I'm living, walking, talking proof!," she added.