Former Generations the Legacy actress Lebohang Mthunzi joined the sea of people speaking out against #OpenUpTheIndustry debacle
“It’s difficult for drama graduates to find work without connections or agents that want experience, and how will they gain experience if they are not given a chance?” the actress said.
Speaking to Zalebs, Lebohang said the people with the proper job skills end up working 9-5 jobs because people with a bigger social media influence end up getting the jobs.
“Most end up working nine to five jobs to make ends meet. Let’s not hire people because they have a huge social media following, let’s hire people because they are talented and are deserving. ”
She went on to add that fame hungry people have made it okay to sleep their way to the top and this is unacceptable.
“Employing our fame-hungry family members or friends is an unacceptable, improper behavior. We ladies get in uncomfortable situations because both men and women in the industry have made it okay to sleep your way to the top.”
Lebo also added that the industry needs to give new people a chance to work their way up, adding that South African viewers would judge their talent.
She ended with a powerful sentiment that South Africans should  be unique and not follow or copy the American lifestyle. “I wanted to be an actress to carry a message across, an important one and change an audience’s life or at least make them relate and interrogate; but nowadays it’s about a flashy lifestyle that our audience go through extremes of ‘blessers’ and bankruptcy to follow. Where are the real people? Real stories that define us as South Africans? let’s be unique and stop copying the American lifestyle. #NoShade to some of our sisters and brothers that are doing very well.”