Guys, stop the bus right now. There's a fake Nandi Madida Facebook profile that has been sharing really hectic articles about fellow celebs.

The profile has close on 400 000 likes and hundreds have fans have been commenting on the gross articles that are being shared.
The most recent post claims that Somizi was rushed to hospital after an incident involving a "sex toy".
Which, is bs. Obvs.
Speaking to TshisaLIVE Nandi was not happy.
"It's revolting. It's disgusting. I'm not on Facebook. I have no fan page."
Nandi said that she is aware of the profile but didn't know the extent of the damaging content that is being shared under her name.
"I'm getting my team to look into it. This is not me. It's a fake."
So, don't be silly and get caught!