AFROTAINMENT boss, DJ Tira, is the eye of a storm – again.
This time around the Sifuna Abochomi hitmaker is being accused of stealing the Gumba Fest music concept.
The event took place yesterday at Amcor Dam, in Newcastle.
The battle of the Gumba Fest is not a new thing.
Last year, businessman and owner of Izinto Zamampela events, Sbu Shabangu, managed to stop the event which was scheduled to take place in Richards Bay, and brought it back to Newcastle, after DJ Tira tried to stage it there.
Said Sbu: “I’m going to fight him over this concept. He can’t be allowed to do as he pleases. It’s not the first time he does this.
“When I try talking to him about this, he doesn’t want to listen. He doesn’t want to do things by the book. The matter is now being handled by my lawyers.
“He’s even turned my business partner, Sifiso Gumede, against me.”
Sbu told Sunday Sun they began doing the event in 2012 and later involved DJ Tira, because he’s well-known and respected as an event organiser.
Sbu added: “I never thought he’d steal our concept. Our concept began as the Newcastle Music Explosion but then in 2013, 2014 we used the Gumba Fest name because we wanted something unique.”
DJ Tira said: “They were working together and approached me to help them take their event to new heights.
“Their event was called Newcastle Summer Music Explosion and I changed it to Gumba Fest, which is an Afrotainment baby.
“That guy is a crook.”
Sifiso said: “I’m more than prepared to meet Sbu in court. Tira’s been good to us and he’s helped me a lot.”
Source: Daily Sun