Actor Atandwa Kani did not mince his words over being questioned about having "too many gay friends"

Taking to Twitter the actor made it crystal clear that he will not entertain being questioned about the sexuality of his friends.
Atandwa did not waste time in telling a troll to sit down after he was questioned over the company he keeps.
"Atandwa Kani hangs out with so many gays ko Great Dane," tweeted the user.

This quickly saw Atandwa spring into action labelling the question "bulls**t".
"No one says 'Atandwa you have so many straight friends', so I won't accept that bullshit of 'you have so many gay friends' WTFAYD?," Atandwa responded.
Atandwa went on to throw massive sarcasm at the user for the question.

Atandwa showing this troll the door comes just days after he clapped back at a bunch of 'haters' making it clear that he will not entertain such negativity in his life.

"I don't live for f*cking idiots who stagnate their lives, anchoring themselves down to nowhere, spending all their time watching me, while they continue being non-progressive non-entities...f*ck em!" Atandwa told his haters.

source: timeslive