HAS AKA lost his cool, or does trouble just follow him everywhere? 
He refused to perform at Polokwane after DJ Black Coffee klapped his road manager . . . 
Several witnesses close to the star claimed trouble started the day before, when AKA refused to meet and greet other artists who were performing at the Shoko Festival, in Harare.
According to witnesses, AKA was in his dressing room and in no mood to mingle with other stars. But artists came, asked for pics and tried to socialise. 
One source said: “It turned ugly when AKA’s friends pushed an artist out of the dressing room. 
“And then there was a heated argument – and they started beating each other. 
“Even DJ Fanatic got involved in the scuffle.” 
According to another source, AKA and his crew pushed somebody who was trying to snap a picture of him. 
“AKA has issues with people who try to take pictures, because they said they were going to put Bonang on their Snapchat. 
“And AKA simply doesn’t like that,” the showbiz mole alleged. 
But Harare event organiser, known as Munya, said there was no report of any incident involving AKA at Shoko Festival. 
A second insider told the People’s Paper: “AKA is surrounded by fans, not friends! 
“What kind of friends don’t tell you when you f*ck up – and instead just fuel the situation? 
“Friends should be telling you the truth, not what you want to hear!” 
A third source made claims of misbehaviour in another city: “At the Stay Fresh Party in Cape Town, AKA’s entourage caused trouble everywhere. 
“That guy should watch his brand – unless he wants to be known as a bad boy!” 
AKA refused to comment on the incident, saying he’s got nothing to say. 
Bonang and DJ Fanatic were not available for comment.
Source: dailysun