100 Embarrassing Dirty Photos You Must See

59. Here is proof that the talent and precision of fighter jet pilots is absolutely remarkable. These two jets are passing each other amazingly in a perfect line. But first a quick kiss as they pass by.
58. Three bucks stand in perfect alignment appearing as one three-headed stag. During the mating season, bucks use their antlers to fight one another for the opportunity to attract mates in a given herd. Bucks will charge head on and lock antlers allowing them to wrestle until the stronger buck emerges.
57. People think the moon is revolving around the earth, but little do they know it’s actually craned up into the sky every night. But the real questions is where are they hiding it during the day?
56. She was having such a good day dancing and enjoying the concert when things took a turn for the worst. Watch out there are people out there that can’t handle other people having more fun than them, and believe you deserve a drink to the face. Such a shame.
55. The iconic statue of Christ that sits high atop Rio de Janeiro was struck by lightning during a storm in early 2014. The right thumb was chipped by the lightning strike. The statue had just undergone a $4 million dollar renovation in 2010.
54. Mario Lopez Jr. is an American actor and host known for being physically fit. But these days it looks like Mario really needs to work on his right arm. There’s a little T-Rex arm poking through.

53. The five colors of the rings along with the normal white backdrop combine to represent the colors of every nation, with no exceptions. On this occasion, at the 2012 games in London the moon showed up as a sixth ring. Maybe to represent the missing white color?
52. An car engulfed in flames amazingly takes on the shape of a bunny. Don’t be fooled and go pet it though!
51. Storks have been associated with babies for centuries. Egyptian myth used the stork as a representation of a persons soul. Now there is proof that storks deliver babies!
50. You’ll be handing your sandwich over really quick when giant seagulls like this start showing up. Attack of the giant birds! Just imagine the terror when a flock of these birds fly over head. Bird poop would be more like a serious bombing

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