PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma’s brother said he wants him to resign because the family fears for his life.
In an interview with the Sunday Times, Michael Zuma said some family members had been having scary dreams, but he and his wife, Thembekile MaXulu didn’t reveal the details.
Michael said in the dreams his late son, Soka, was seen outside the family kraal.
Five pastors had also visited Nkandla to give the president a message after they had a vision of former president Nelson Mandela, but he had left the homestead the day before they arrived.
Michael said the vision related to a speech given by Mandela in the early 1990s and reflected what was happening in Zuma’s life.
The couple didn’t give more details.
“My brother is having a very difficult time.
“My brother has such difficulty and in a way that we fear they are going to kill him,” said Michael.
Thembekile added: “We fear for his life.
“As a family we sometimes think they are going to kill him. In our humble view we tell ourselves that maybe if he comes home he will be away from them.
“We are scared because he is among them.”
Thembekile also blasted those who still criticised Zuma over his Nkandla homestead even after he paid back the money.
She asked why people wanted to know how he got the money.
“If you borrowed R100 from someone, why would they ask where you got it from?
“Ubaba is being mistreated and we can say that without hesitation,” she said.
They said they were not aware of rumours that the ANC had decided to remove Zuma before Christmas.