When did DJ Sbu become so shady though? The radio host took a jab at some of the big stations’ DJs’ who cut music before the track ends. We have to say he has a point. Watch DJ Sbu throw shade at Metro FM and Lesedi FM DJs.

DJ Sbu called out DJs who cut songs or speak whilst songs are being played and told them to refrain from doing so. Although the message could’ve made an impact without calling anyone’s name out, it didn’t stop DJ Sbu from doing it.

“Have you been, like, driving and you’re listening to your favorite song, and then from nowhere Ba2Cada comes…Ba2Cada, woah man. From nowhere, Glen comes ‘Err, you’re listening to Metro’…woah man, this is my favorite song…” he said into the camera. Watch the funny clip below.
Source: okmzansi