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#ULShutDown Students lives are in danger at the University of Limpopo

Following violent protests at the University of Limpopo last night, police admitted to having shot rubber bullets at the students, but have denied anyone was killed

Following reportedly violent protests at the University of Limpopo last night, police arrested six students at the Turfloop campus, but three have since been released, reports Capricorn FM.
Police have confirmed that there was no damage to building, but say that students burned rubbish bins around the campus.

The picture painted by students and people on the scene on social media has been a completely different one to what police have told.
Two students were allegedly killed during a blackout after being hit by rubber bullets and others have been severely injured.
One student alleged that “police shot at us while we were sitting on the balcony doing nothing”.
One image has been circulating of an individual with a head wound caused by a bullet. Students are alleging that the student was shot by police.
None of these claims have yet been verified.
According to Capricorn FM, police confirmed that they did shoot rubber bullets at the protesting students, but have vehemently denied that anyone was killed.
Students took to social media to share their stories under the hashtag #ULShutDown:

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