Isidingo fans, mark your calendar – Lerato (Tema Sebopedi) and Sechaba (Motlatsi Mofatshe) set to tie the knot in fine Tswana and Sotho Matrimonial tradition this Heritage Day.

Shot in the beautiful North West Province, at the Christiana All Seasons Resort this past June, the end result is now ready to air on the 23rd and 26th September.

Family opinions and financial constraints, all threatening to drive a wedge between Lerato and Sechaba, as their wedding day draws nearer, and genius scripting delivers compelling television, all beautifully salvaged in a visual spectacle never quite seen on this scale on South African television.

An episode sets to fill with tension and drama, the very recipe Isidingo’s famous for, the Matabane wedding is about love triumphing over doubt, adversity and family fuss.

A chapter filled with hope for the future from two families and their respective cultures, as they become one. Add an extraordinary reveal from Lerato, mere days before the big day, turns Sechaba’s world upside down.

Viewers can be rest assured their favourite soapie will do nothing shy of impressing at every turn.

A big secret threatens to destroy the union of one of South Africa’s most loved TV couple. “Sechaba and Lerato’s big day is our central focus,” says the producers of the show, “but we’ve also woven in a couple of surprises, as regular viewers have come to expect from Isidingo, only this time the twists and turns are even more sudden.”

Sophie Ndaba makes a guest appearance on the show as Lerato’s mother when she visits Horizon Deep for the wedding. Not one to mince her words, Sophie’s character adds even more flavour to the cast when she starts putting her nose in where she’s not welcome.

Ferry Jele also makes her appearance as Sechaba’s mother. Having not been a part of Sechaba’s life, her arrival at the wedding is a massive surprise to everyone. On a mission to rebuild her broken relationship with her son, expect emotional stuff when she hits your screens come the 23rd of September.

Making it all look as good as it’s scripted the experienced and award-winning Isidingo Production team makes magic happen at the year’s biggest marriage Imbizo.

Classy, stylish and classical, these are just some of the themes viewers will get to appreciate come 23rd September, not forgetting traditional, in tune with the wedding day falling on heritage day weekend.

Festive, filled with the usual intrigue, along with the prospect of even more excitement as the script unravels, this wedding’s going to have fans wishing they’d been on the guest list, but no less grateful for their SABC invitation to enjoy the spectacle in all trademark Isidingo fashion!
Be sure to tune into Isidingo  @ 7:00 every weekdays on SABC3.