While others refuse to talk about se.x, the poet often goes as far as telling her fans about her favourite position in the bedroom.

Poet Ntsiki Mazwai is one woman who is not afraid to voice her opinion on everything and feels that’s how it should be, especially with matters concerning the freedom of being.
Every day she engages with her followers on topics ranging from politics and celebrities to black consciousness and the importance of freedom of expression. One thing she has also not shied away from talking about is se.x, and she often reveals her sexual habits – a topic society has taught women to shy away from talking about openly.
She has told her fans stories about her nights out with friends, and the “hot” Grahamstown guys, though she said on Twitter that she did not “get on” with them as they were too young.
Ntsiki likes se.x and she’s not about to let any rules stop her from talking about it. She once told her fans that if they were younger than 30 and horny all the time, then they should wait until they reach the 30s, as they were showing her flames.
Responding to a fan who was complaining that asking a woman to get on top was taken as an insult, Mazwai said the top position was her favourite.
Another user complained that it seemed like the only thing women wanted was to “control men’s testicles”, instead of commitment, to which Mazwai responded with: “about me”.
She also once told her fans she did not want to get married, as marriage was too restricting for her – something society had taught women as “a woman’s body belongs to her man”.
Big ups to bold Miss Mazwai.