We all know Ntsiki Mazwai is a book worm at least that’s what we gathered from her social media posts. In her ugly spat with Bonang Thursday morning, the poet took a jab at Bonang’s level of education. Yup she went there, Ntsiki Mazwai questions Bonang’s level of education.

“Shes worried about my music…we worries about her education. Just coz someone can speak english…doesnt mean they can spell….pls tu,” Ntsiki tweeted referring to the alleged email from Bonang.

Bonang has previously said in an interview how one needs no education to be in the showbiz saying you just need to be pretty.

Matheba said when she wanted to study at a tertiary institution in South Africa, she was unlucky as she could not be accommodated and that is when she landed in the entertainment industry while on a presenting course.

“To be honest, you don’t need to be educated in order to be in the entertainment industry, but you need to be born to do it, but I won’t encourage children to drop out of school to pursue their dreams,” she said.

Matheba is of the opinion that one cannot be taught to be a celebrity at university. It is a gift one is born with, she believes. For instance, some people can be taught on how to be a presenter but if they are not born to be presenters they will not be as good as a person born to be a presenter, she said.

“In the entertainment industry, you have to be born with a gift to succeed. Someone can go to school, but yet cannot succeed in the industry, unlike those born with the talent, but nonetheless education is very important,” she said.

By looking at her resume, one can safely conclude that Bonang Matheba is the jack of all trades in the South African entertainment sector from being a radio host, television presenter and style icon. In fact, her unique sense of style had earned her a South African Style award and an AG Sport style award.

According to channel24  Bonang was academically excluded from university?

One of SA's favourite celebs, Bonang Matheba is on top of her game right now. She's dominating the radio, fashion and TV scene and there's just no way of stopping her. Although she's the envy of many people in SA right now, Move is reporting that the star was excluded from her marketing course after failing the same modules several times.

A source told the mag that Bonang, a former University of Johannesburg student, became very popular on campus because of her TV gig. "People would stare at her wherever she went on campus and maybe that's why she she didn't attend classes regularly."

The source told Move that Bonang did not drop out of university, but was excluded. "It's not like she was dumb, everything she has she worked for and it takes brains to build an empire like hers. She was late for lectures if she came at all and with her lifestyle I can't imagine when she would have has time to study.