Rapper Nadia Nakai revealed that she and her ex Dotcom are “good” after reaching a mutual decision to break-up.

Speaking to Slikouronlife‚ Nadia divulged details surrounding her split from Dot‚ in which she explained that it was not caused by external parties‚ but that it was a decision they took to allow them to focus on their “own things“.

“It’s not like we broke up because of a girl or a guy‚ or whatever the case is‚” she told Slikour.

“It was kind of a mutual thing to focus on our own things.”

To further elaborate‚ the rapper explained that despite having supported each other “for the longest time‚” they both felt the need to give each other some space to grow‚ before reuniting someday.

“You know that Dot has supported me for the longest time‚ and I’ve supported him for the longest time‚ and I think that sometimes we need to go our separate ways to build ourselves‚ and then come back together when we’re good.

“I think that’s what we both want to do at the moment‚” she said‚ adding that‚ despite not being together at the moment‚ Dot remains in her heart.

Nadia and Dot’s relationship was hardly a secret. The two used to post loved-up videos and snaps of each other on social media‚ and dare we say‚ they melted the hearts of many fans.