AYANDA walks around with a big smile on his face.
According to Ayanda Dlamini (38), he has a sexy tokoloshe who cooks for him, does his washing, cleans up and even bonks him when he feels like it.
Ayanda, who lives in Snake Park phase 2, Soweto told Daily Sun he doesn’t have to go to five-star restaurants to get the best food.
He gets great professional cooking at home, prepared by his sexy chef.
He said the tokoloshe, whom he has named Beauty, appears in a navy blue and white striped apron and a short skirt, and cooks on his two-plate stove while standing on the table in his one-roomed shack.
“Her food smells delicious. When she is cooking, I feel hungry immediately. She uses Robertsons spices, Benny’s spices, Rajah spices and a little bit of Aromat.”
He added that the tokoloshe is a well-shaped dark beauty with a great smile and a beautiful voice. “When she tells me the food is ready, I can’t wait,” he said.
“My cooking was very bad and I used to starve.”
But that’s all over now.
Beauty cooks chicken stew, beef stew and sometimes fried meat, which she brings to him on the bed because there are no chairs in the house.
“The greatest meal is followed by the greatest sex,” he said.
“I am the luckiest man on earth to have a chef like this.”
But Beauty is a jealous creature. “She cooks only for me. When I’m away and when there are other people she doesn’t cook,” he said.
“She waits until she’s sure I’m alone before she shows up.”
Ayanda said he is single and happy.
“I last dated a girl two and a half years ago.
“Girls kept disappointing me so I decided to be by myself.
“That’s when my sexy tokoloshe came to my rescue.
“I wish she was human. I would have married her.”
Source: dailysun