In a revealing interview with Anele Mdoda, Kelly Khumalo opened up about her most famous two exes, Senzo Meyiwa and Jub Jub whom she had kids with. On her relationship with Senzo’s family, Kelly Khumalo says Senzo’s family will never see his daughter.

Kelly fired back at Senzo’s family who at the time of their son’s death accused the singer of moving on too fast despite never acknowledging her saying she was never his wife. Asked if Senzo’s family will meet her daughter, Kelly said, “They can forget about that.”

“Now that you feel that you see me as a married person then I must succumb to the customs of what married people do. I had to decide for myself, I don’t care how you see me, or what you expect from me,” Kelly told Anele.

“I’m going to do me, the same way I would have done when Senzo was alive. When Senzo was alive I blocked out everything negative about him and focused on loving him, so that’s what I did,” Kelly said on moving on.