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Coming up on Binnelanders this December 2019:

Monday 2 December 2019
Episode 126/3404

Binneland Stereo is buzzing with speculation about what could’ve happened between Quinton and Connie, and Hugo thinks he has done his part concerning Tracy. Okkie and Ilse start tackling the root of all evil, and Julia doubts her motherhood. Connie’s secret is unearthed, while harsh words flow from Hugo’s mouth.

Tuesday 3 December 2019
Episode 127/3405

Connie tries to avoid questions about her past, while Okkie hatches an idea after Ilse makes a decision. Tracy’s head goes into overdrive, and Julia is weary of confusing emotions. Naomi gets nervous as the big day draws closer, while Hugo starts feelings guilty about Tracy. There is a big trouble at Julia’s house.

Wednesday 4 December 2019
Episode 128/3406

Naomi and Louis are under the impression that they can get married in peace, and the police arrive at Julia's house. René asks Quinton’s assistance with Connie, while Quinton unnerves Naomi regarding the big day. Hugo plays the part of hero and villain in a story. 

Thursday 5 December 2019
Episode 129/3407

Trudie is unaware of what happened in the Ferreira household, while René gives Quinton advice regarding Connie. Louis reprimands Quinton and it becomes clear that Hugo feels complicit. Ilse and Okkie discuss their problems freely, while someone else’s problems cause trouble between Steve and Elana.

Tertius gets better insight – and uses it to dish out advice. Annelize warns At about Hugo.

Friday 6 December 2019
Episode 130/3408

René gives Quinton advice regarding his date, and Tracy places Hugo in an uncomfortable position. The shareholders are not keen on an appointment, but there is one hero amongst the members – with a hidden agenda. Jessica brings bad news to Louis’s attention.
Monday 9 December 2019
Episode 131/3409

Quinton words his concerns regarding Connie, and Okkie wants to have a family gathering before the wedding. There are mixed feelings regarding an appointment, while Chanel causes Trudie to stress about her responsibilities. Someone is keeping a watchful eye on At, and Louis receives bad news of a personal nature. 

Tuesday 10 December 2019
Episode 132/3410

Ilse gets a bright idea during Naomi’s trial, while Connie doesn’t have anything good to say about Quinton. Information about the wedding is collected, and Trudie tests the waters regarding her future. Wedding photos are not the biggest headache on the agenda, while Esra is kept in the dark. 

Wednesday 11 December 2019
Episode 133/3411

Ilse is prepared to share an uncomfortable opinion with Naomi, and Tertius shares Connie’s results with Quinton. Jonas’s plan becomes clearer, while Louis does everything in his power to ease Naomi’s mind. An attempted suicide could throw a spanner in the (wedding) works, and Jonas swops his target.

Thursday 12 December 2019
Episode 134/3412

Renate questions Okkie's explanation regarding Ilse, and Quinton and Danny make a bet on the outcome of the wedding that doesn’t impress René. Jessica unknowingly shares important information – and Renate is working on her nerves. Belinda and Okkie share a tender moment, and an uninvited guest is rattled.

Friday 13 December 2019
Episode 135/3413

The big day arrives for Louis and Naomi, and the fest of the invited doesn’t go without drama. What is a wedding without murder, where tradition is ignored, and a hundred thousand different types of emotions aren’t part of the occasion?

Monday 16 December 2019
Episode 136/3414

Dennis and Jonas are proud of their work, while Trudie is nervous about talking to her parents about her future. René discovers something about Connie, and Annelize decides to organize a Christmas party. A post mortem examination and a room has individuals gasping for breath… 

Tuesday 17 December 2019
Episode 137/3415

Plans for the future include England, and pent-up anger leads to a dangerous outburst. A door becomes an obstacle for an outing, and Connie’s results become common knowledge. Tertius is turning into an amateur sleuth, while Annelize tries to control At – and another target is identified.
Wednesday 18 December 2019
Episode 138/3416

Many hands make light work – except if those hands are clumsy. Trudie can’t believe her luck, and the new target is followed. Okkie thinks he knows what is going on with Renate and Boeta, while Tertius thinks Annelize is losing the plot.

Thursday 19 December 2019
Episode 139/3417

Jonas realises the heat is on, but doesn’t want to terminate the plans. Naomi is embarrassed about the neighbours’ complaints, and Annelize thinks she recognises someone on a photo. Love blossoms in the most unlikely ways, while At begins to figure things out. Trust is a reason for concern, and Tertius is surprised by a visitor.

Friday 20 December 2019
Episode 140/3418

Elana gives Steve advice regarding Hugo – especially in the current situation – and Tertius is worried about both Esra and Annelize. Okkie and Ilse aren’t getting all the answers they want, while Esra realises what could happen to Jonas. Sleeping habits could lead to a loss of sleep, and Jonas confronts Esra regarding his tablets.

Monday 23 December 2019
Episode 141/3419

Elana isn’t getting through to Steve, and Tertius demands police involvement – and tries to get Conrad on his side. Naomi finds it difficult to share news with Okkie, while Steve meets one of Hugo’s younger patients. Ilse has advice for Naomi regarding a present, and an uninvited guest arrives at the Koster Mansion.

Tuesday 24 December 2019
Episode 142/3420

There is a huge commotion in the Koster Mansion, while Chanel realises Danny is alone on Christmas. Ideas and fears regarding Christmas presents make life interesting, and Steve eventually shares his truth. Naomi’s frustration with Okkie builds up, and Annelize gives At unasked for reassurance. Elana isn’t put off easily. 

Wednesday 25 December 2019
Episode 143/3421

Father Christmas visits Naomi, and a doll causes problems in the hospital. Annelize and At read each other very well, while Chanel is vague about what her family knows about her relationship. Okkie doesn’t read between the lines, and not everyone’s festivities run smoothly.

Thursday 26 December 2019
Episode 144/3422

A broken bed causes uncomfortable problems, and Brandon unexpectedly arrives at the Ferreira’s. The children’s ward receives a new guest, and Danny doesn’t make a good impression. Ilse shares her theory about Okkie, while Steve’s friend is not impressed with him.

Friday 27 December 2019
Episode 145/3423

Okkie gets upset about Ilse’s advice, and Brandon is worried about Danny’s family. An uncomfortable situation leads to new insights, while Steve has a surprise for Rachel. Chanel is tense about Brandon’s motives, and it is difficult to admit the truth out loud.

Monday 30 December 2019
Episode 146/3429

Social Media speaks louder than the truth, and someone is interested in Quinton. Chanel and Danny run into troubled waters, while Tertius tries to encourage his best friend. Danny starts getting difficult, and inspiration comes from the oddest place. Untouched history comes closer to the surface, while Brandon doesn’t have time to be diplomatic.

Tuesday 31 December 2019
Episode 147/3430

Danny thinks Chanel’s father has lost his marbles, and Hugo wants to see Steve regarding his chemo counts. René finds out about Quinton’s plans, while Chanel surprises Danny. The Catwalk is the last place that Tracy thought she would run into someone, and the Old Year is shown the door in style.

Premiere episodes of Binnelanders air on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30. The omnibus airs on kykNET on Saturdays from 09h30.

Coming up on Binnelanders this January 2020:

Wednesday 1 January 2020
Episode 148/3431

René shares her dilemma with Chanel, and Annelize notices a change in At’s attitude. Tertius encourages Quinton to not give up hope, while Hugo hears that a family are not happy with his actions. Tracy keeps an eye on Brandon, and Ingrid’s return is not part of Annelize’s plans.

Thursday 2 January 2020
Episode 149/3432

Annelize is not happy with At and Ingrid, and René helps Quinton to send messages. Danny’s confrontation leads to more questions than answers, while Brandon makes Tracy feel a lot more than just uncomfortable.

Tertius’s good intentions have the opposite effect, and Hugo hears that there is big trouble in his future. Conrad tries to find out how Ingrid feels about At’s marriage, while Danny discovers Chanel’s secret.

Friday 3 January 2020
Episode 150/3433

Hugo is sued, and Brandon wants to keep Chanel from finding out with what he is busy with - but Steve explains the sensitivity of the situation.

Annelize interrupts a moment between At and Ingrid, while René shares her opinion on Quinton’s new action plan with Chanel. Conrad wants to contact Ingrid on Southern Hope’s behalf, and Tracy is asked for help.

Monday 6 January 2020
Episode 151/3434

Elana thinks she has the answer to Hugo’s problem, while Steve has a solution for Brandon’s situation. Chanel wonders about Danny and Tracy, and Quinton begins to think differently about René.

Danny warns Brandon about his daughter, while At and Annelize have conflicting pieces of advice for Hugo. Chanel is shocked in her discovery, and René is not at all impressed with a situation.

Tuesday 7 January 2020
Episode 152/3435

Quinton is on everyone’s lips, and Chanel wants to ask Steve about her suspicions - but then Elana receives very bad news. Ingrid and At place each other under cross-examination, while Xenia receives an unpleasant task.

Hugo gets the cold shoulder, and a doctor discovers new emotions. Tracy recuses herself from the situation, while Conrad meets Ethan.

Wednesday 8 January 2020
Episode 153/3436

Chanel is not impressed with reality, while Rocky realises he might have made a big mistake. To Annelize’s frustration Ingrid is convinced to take a case, and Wimpie encourages Quinton.

Chanel opens up towards Danny, while Hugo is caught off guard by Ethan’s presence. In spite of a general feeling of powerlessness the search for Xenia continues.

Thursday 9 January 2020
Episode 154/3437

Annelize asks Tracy to keep an eye on Ingrid, and Danny is not sure what to do with the latest revelation. Brandon and Chanel discuss Xenia honestly, while Quinton is caught completely off guard by the person that René meets in Amoret.

Ingrid is looking at the case with new eyes, and Tracy wants nothing to do with the search.

Friday 10 January 2020
Episode 155/3438

Ingrid questions Conrad about the treatment of a patient, and Chanel doesn’t like what she sees. Danny can’t hide the truth any longer, while Hugo is forced to look after Ethan. René takes Quinton to task because of his behaviour, and Brandon thinks he knows how Danny can be of assistance.

Monday 13 January 2020
Episode 156/3439

Steve thinks Brandon is placing Danny in an impossible position, and June goes looking for René – but actually seeks answers from Quinton.

Chanel and Brandon fight about Xenia, while Tertius needs to provide advice. Ingrid is asked out to dinner, and Quinton’s behaviour is confusing René. Annelize notices what it is that is upsetting At, while Tracy’s warning doesn’t come without its own agenda.

Tuesday 14 January 2020
Episode 157/3440

Naomi thinks René’s imagination is fooling her, and At tries to find out what the nature of the relationship is between Ingrid and Hugo. Conrad warns Annelize about her husband, while answers on Quinton are sought from Wimpie.

Hugo sees that something is wrong with Ethan, and Brandon realises his hands are tied. Chanel has questions about Glitterz.

Wednesday 15 January 2020
Episode 158/3441

Tertius tells Quinton to tell the truth, and Brandon awakens doubt in Danny. Ethan lands up in ER when he experiences intense pain, while Danny pleads with his father one more time. June finds out what is really going on with her daughter, and Danny gets really worried about obsessive behaviour.

Thursday 16 January 2020
Episode 159/3442

Annelize presents her case to Tertius, while Quinton can’t do anything right in René’s eyes. Chanel tries to put her plan into action, and Ingrid tries to clear the air with Hugo. Ethan hides something from his mother, and Tracy whispers her own conclusions in Annelize’s ear. A chance meeting gives Chanel new hope.

Friday 17 January 2020
Episode 160/3443

The cat is out of the bag – and the writing is on the wall! Annelize encourages Hugo to support Ingrid, while Chanel seeks advice from Tracy. Quinton tries to prevent René from being punished, and Ethan’s diagnoses causes problems.

Danny thinks there is no hope for his relationship, while Chanel nurses herself into a job. Hugo makes the hard facts crystal clear for Ingrid. René isn’t ready to listen to reason – and then fate plays it's card.

Monday 20 January 2020
Episode 161/3444

René’s anger makes her feel guilty, and a bone marrow transplant could be the only chance on survival for a patient. Danny seeks answers regarding their relationship from Chanel, while new rules are spelt out for Quinton.

Ingrid wants to listen to her instincts, and Chanel’s pleas fall on deaf ears – and the situation gets a lot more dangerous than what she was prepared for.

Tuesday 21 January 2020
Episode 162/3445

Hugo tries to figure out where Ingrid stands with regards to a relationship, and René witnesses something that upsets her greatly.

Tim is not impressed with Rocky at all, while Tracy can no longer keep quiet. René’s peace comes with conditions, and Quinton makes plans to transfer.

Distance is probably not the right choice at this point in time, and Danny receives a message at an inopportune time.

Wednesday 22 January 2020
Episode 163/3446

At and Annelize expect the worst from Quinton, while Ethan experiences a setback – and his situation becomes critical. Danny challenges Tim, and June tries to put in a good word for Quinton.

Tracy hears a shocking confession, and Brandon takes his frustration out on Danny after they receive news that isn’t favourable.

Thursday 23 January 2020
Episode 164/3447

René and Quinton are making everyone uncomfortable, and Conrad wants to know exactly what it is that At wants from Rian.

Ingrid is sticking to her story, and there is a group effort in getting everyone registered as bone marrow donors.

Tracy makes Annelize unsure about her suspicions, while Conrad test the water with a very big idea of his own.

Friday 24 January 2020
Episode 165/3448

René requests not to be working on the same shift as Quinton, and Conrad wants to get himself tested – which unsettles Ingrid. Tracy is busy with some sleuthing of her own, while At isn’t impressed with Conrad’s business idea.

Annelize gets the results of the DNA tests, and Quinton is worried about the news that he comes to hear. Ingrid tells Hugo the whole truth.

Monday 27 January 2020
Episode 166/3449

At spells out his plan to capture Rian, while Ingrid holds nothing back in a conversation with Annelize. When Tertius confronts Annelize, she realises that there is something that she wasn’t aware of.

Becker has an interesting piece of information for Rian, and René admits that she isn’t comfortable with what is happening at the moment. Ingrid has no other choice but to come out with the whole truth.

Tuesday 28 January 2020
Episode 167/3450

Conrad makes it very clear that he is looking for new partners, and there is a surprising event that takes place in the linen room. Steve and Elana warn At about Southern Hope, while Conrad receives news that leads him to a new idea - which in turn unnerves Annelize and Ingrid. Rian makes a daring decision.

Wednesday 29 January 2020
Episode 168/3451

Annelize finds out what At is busy with, and Ingrid has an emotional breakdown. Becker tries to manage Rian’s expectations, while a CV receives Quinton’s immediate attention. MercyMed and Rian Malherbe are on two men’s lips, and Hugo clearly doesn’t condone Ingrid’s decision.

Thursday 30 January 2020
Episode 169/3452

Rian gets suspicious after a conversation with someone in South Africa, and At’s frustrations are building up. Annelize gives Hugo something to think about, while Quinton is told who should be appointed. Ingrid is not going to let anyone tell her what to do, and two friends share a moment.  

Friday 31 January 2020
Episode 170/3453

Annelize is relieved about the news that she receives, and Rian asks Becker to organise the home dialysis. Steve realises Conrad has a trump card, while Wimpie and Hugo have a squabble in Tonik. Maya’s makes no impression on Quinton, and a reunion is almost unreal.

Premiere episodes of Binnelanders air on kykNET Mondays to Fridays at 19h30. The omnibus airs on kykNET on Saturdays from 09h30.