FEMALE maskandi singers are at each other’s throats over a small 4-5!
Itotolozi is the song in question that got Vumile Mngoma and Intombi yaseNdlunkulu hot under the collar.
Both claim the song belongs to them. And both say they registered it at the Southern African Music Rights Organisation under their own names.
Intombi yaseNdlunkulu said she composed and recorded the song in 2014. She claimed Vumile stole it and released it this year.
“I respect Vumile because of her outstanding job. But I’m disappointed and shocked that she stole my song. She recorded it without my approval.
“I don’t know what’s happening to popular musicians. Instead of composing their own songs, they steal from us who aren’t popular yet,” Intombi said.
But Vumile said Intombi should take a chill pill and accept the fact that other musicians can rearrange the song.
“I haven’t even listened to her song. One thing she should know is we can use the same lyrics, but to different tunes.
“She’s new in the industry and I’ve been here for a long time,” she said.
Vumile featured Itotolozi on her new album titled Ezimabelamade.
In response to Vumile’s comment, Intombi said: she must leave the music industry.“You can’t call yourself an artist if you can’t compose a song, but steal from other musicians.
“Vumile should leave music or else ask me to write songs for her.”
Intombi said she wrote the song after seeing a male magosha for the first time in Joburg. It’s not the first time Vumile has been embroiled in a song fight.
She’s said to have been in a fight before with Durban’s inyanga and musician, Bhaka, over a song titled Thayi Lemoto.