Dineo Nchabeleng is living her best life. 
Since her return to our small screens, the talented actress has been getting jobs left, right and centre.
The young actress has just joined the cast of Gold Diggers 2 as Emily Moloi. 

Emily is the daughter of the Reverend Moloi, played by legendary actor Owen Sejake. 
Speaking to SunBuzz, Dineo from Mamelodi West in Tshwane said: “Although I am not one of the lead actors on the show, the role is still a blessing for me. 
“Everyone was so welcoming towards me and I just love the energy on set. 
“I love acting alongside Owen Sejake. I remember acting as his daughter on Beat The Drum when I was just nine years old.” 
Emily is a second-year student at the University of Joburg and always strives to do good. 
“Emily always chooses to do what is right. 
“Although her dad is a former thug and her brother is a tsotsi, she still sticks to her morals. 
“However, as I read through the script, I noticed there was no mention of her mum.”
The 24-year-old also starred as Sli in Mzansi Magic’s Ring Of Lies. 
“I enjoyed playing the character of Sli. It was a role that put a lot of pressure on me. We had to make sure everything was shot perfectly because it was a new show. 
“The cast and crew also had to make sure viewers could relate to the show. 
“My last lead role was on End Game in 2014. Portraying Sli was the breakthrough I needed,” she said. 
Dineo won the hearts of Mzansi viewers during her time on SABC1’s Generations, where she played the role of Angela Mogale. 

- Catch Dineo on Gold Diggers on etv at 8pm.