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#GoldDiggers Gold Diggers Teasers December 2016 (e.TV)

Coming up on Gold Diggers this December 2016:

Thursday 1 December 2016
Episode 64

The Gumede brothers attack Clement. Olwethu shuts down her family. Lucky starts an illegal business.

Friday 2 December 2016
Episode 65

May suggests that Olwethu goes for a blood test after she learns about her fling with Clement. The Gumede brothers take blood revenge on Clement. Titus’s feelings begin to change towards his family.

Monday 5 December 2016
Episode 66

Olwethu receives her blood test results. Dimpho is suspicious of Lucky and Olwethu’s relationship. Zakes is uncertain about whether he can trust Jill or not.

Tuesday 6 December 2016
Episode 67

The tension between May and Olwethu escalates. Jill discovers a hidden camera in her apartment. Lucky starts making money from his illegal business.

Wednesday 7 December 2016
Episode 68

Zakes confronts Jill. May and Ruth clash over how to handle Olwethu. Lucky offers to take Olwethu out in an attempt to get her mind off things. Ronald makes a confession.

Thursday 8 December 2016
Episode 69

Zakes proposes to Jill. Lucky and Dimpho believe they have found Titus’s operation. Ronald tries to make amends with Mosa.

Friday 9 December 2016
Episode 70

Olwethu is drunk at the shebeen. Zakes and Jill break the news to the Moloi family. May does Titus a favour. Mosa finds out about Ronald.

Monday 12 December 2016
Episode 71

All hell breaks loose when May discovers a drunk Olwethu. Mosa is shocked when Big Boy lets slip that he is related to Ronald. Titus enjoys the thrill of leverage over Parrish.

Tuesday 13 December 2016
Episode 72

Jill learns of Zakes's big drug consignment. Parrish confronts Zakes. Ronald reveals his secret to Reverend Moloi. Lucky strikes a deal with the undercover cop, Arthur, and his partner.

Wednesday 14 December 2016
Episode 73

Ronald reveals all to Moloi. Ruth overhears Big Boy arguing with Nandipha.

Thursday 15 December 2016
Episode 74

Lucky comes clean to his family about his new job. May gives Lucky an ultimatum. Jill tips Gavin off about Zakes.

Friday 16 December 2016
Episode 75

Dimpho is hurt to learn that Lucky does not trust her. Titus threatens Zakes. Jill lies to Gavin about the arrival of the drugs.

Monday 19 December 2016
Episode 76

Jill is suspicious about Titus’s unexpected visit to her. Big Boy gets a nasty surprise from Nandipha. Lucky and Dimpho conceal their relationship.

Tuesday 20 December 2016
Episode 77

Big Boy starts working with Lucky. Gavin confronts Jill about Zakes. Olwethu joins Khanyi at the Shebeen. Ronald starts a new life.

Wednesday 21 December 2016
Episode 78

Zakes tells Jill he will forego vengeance against Titus. Zakes discovers Jill’s secret. Big Boy finds himself in a dangerous situation.

Thursday 22 December 2016
Episode 79

Olwethu starts stealing money at home. Jill hands in her resignation letter. Titus tightens security for himself and Steel.

Friday 23 December 2016
Episode 80

Ruth has a severe rebuke for Dikeledi. Duma refuses to help BB. May interrogates Ronald.

Monday 26 December 2016
Episode 81

Stina makes amends with Olwethu. Big Boy succeeds in hooking Duma with alcohol. Dikeledi admits to Ruth that she has a crush on Reverend Moloi. Big Boy receives incriminating information about Duma.

Tuesday 27 December 2016
Episode 82

Stina introduces Olwethu to a new drug. Ruth interferes with Stina and Olwethu. May is disappointed in Gavin.

Wednesday 28 December 2016
Episode 83

Emily confronts Reverent Moloi about Zakes and Jill. Ruth finds out what’s in Dikeledi’s cup. Big Boy comes face-to-face with Steel.

Thursday 29 December 2016
Episode 84

Big Boy outwits Titus’ men. Olwethu is arrested. Lucky uncovers Titus’ operation.

Friday 30 December 2016
Episode 85

Titus is frustrated with Duma. Duma is in danger. Olwethu admits the cause of her behaviour.

Gold Diggers is on Mondays to Fridays at 20h00.

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