Producer and rapper Tabure ‘JR’ Bogopa has released a new single 4Four, with a controversial video. In the video JR and a friend relax at home drinking beers and playing TV games – while behind them a girl dances in lingerie.
Over the course of the video, the woman proceeds to strip and continues dancing topless.
JR said he wanted the video to be in a homely, relaxed bachelor-pad-style set-up.
“The video is getting a lot of attention. We always try to push creativity to the fullest. We asked the model if she was ok with being completely topless and she agreed. It was just fun and innocent,” he claims.
He goes on to say, “The song is just a fun play on words and I tell the story of what guys go through. In the lyrics I rap about people who always demand things they don’t need.”
With a lot of American influence in African music these days, JR says he is still trying to tell an authentically African story. ”My music has influences from all walks of life, but I make sure I represent Africa to the fullest.”
He keeps to a busy schedule he’s currently in studio producing for other artists and will release an album in 2017.