When SA rapper Khuli Chana attended a Kanye West concert in New York this week‚ little did he know he would walk away perhaps the most inspired he’s been in a long time.

Khuli took to social media after the concert‚ to reflect on some of the lessons the experience taught him.
"BE LIMITLESS! "This can't be it" "There's gotta be more" Kanye west taught me that last night at the Madison Square Garden. #LifeofPablo," he tweeted.
As a fellow performer‚ Khuli revealed that watching Kanye in action was exactly what he needed‚ and that the artist inspired him to break boundaries.
“Lord knows how much I needed this‚ and I feel blessed to have had such an inspiring experience. I prescribe this for any uninspired artist feeling like ‘this can’t be it’ ‘there gotta be more’‚ any artist with writer’s block‚ or struggling to find their next dimension or any artist on-top-of-their-game right now‚” he added on Instagram.