Every country has its idiosyncrasies and we sure are no exception.
So, on that spirit — here are some things only South Africans will understand…

1. The true meaning of the word ‘shame’

Foreigners just don’t get it. You see a cute kitten: you say shame. Your friend has a baby: you say shame. Your brother’s car is written off: you say shame. You see someone weeping at the airport: you say shame. One word = many situations. Hits the spot every time.

2. Exactly what “now-now” means

It means you’ll be there now-now. No, not now – now-now. You know, just now. Not, not right now – just now. What’s not to get?


3. Shopping at traffic intersections

Cellphone chargers, juice boxes, inflatable toys for the kids, those net covers to keep flies off food, cowboy hats, dog beds, beach chairs… All this could be yours at a roll-down of your window!


4. “Ja, nee”

A perfectly acceptable way to engage in conversation.

5. The importance of a balanced diet

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6. What a “Gatsby” really is…

And why chips are a perfectly acceptable filling for a bread roll.
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7. On that note… melktert

Pure joy made edible. In fact, if you need a pick-me-up: 5 of our favourite milk tart recipes

8. How to jol

We taught Ed Sheeran how to do it too.
You can read more about that here.

9. What the animal on the Zoo Biscuit really is

It’s a giraffe, ne?

10. Why these are flippin’ funny.

11. How to pronounce Charlize Theron’s surname

Even if Charlize has forgotten. Don’t worry, we’ll keep reminding her.


SA, you are truly one of a kind.


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source: you.co.za