A Thai man identified as Sonchai decided to save few coins by not taking a call girl to a short time hotel but instead invited her over to his house thinking that his wife was working late. According to reports, she was actually supposed to be working late but decided to leave early. She headed home to meet a surprise waiting for her.

After a few minutes of verbal abuse, the escort gets shown the door… in her birthday suit but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Somchai’s wife works as a "mamasan" (in Thailand and the Philippines, the term is used to describe a woman who manages the female workers in bars and brothels) for a sideline company, the same company he hired the girl from.

The call girl had no clue who her customer was which obviously adds fuel to the fire when her boss sees her. Somchai is not only sleeping with one of his wife's girls, he’s doing it in her condo – that he of course pays for.

Watch below..