PEOPLE are scared to cross the railway line but they have no choice.
After five days without water, residents of Phomolong in Mamelodi East, Tshwane have to fetch water in buckets from extension 24 in Nellmapius.
Last Monday, a man was hit by a train and killed on the same railway track. He was allegedly wearing earphones and could not hear the approaching train.
Resident Masetla Sefoka (34) told Daily Sun he finishes work at 6pm and then has to fetch water from a tap in someone’s yard.
“I have to cross the railway line in the dark to get water. Without water we can’t do anything,” he said.
“Old people, pregnant women and children cross this dangerous line in search of water and no one is helping.”
Marilyn Mokgotsi (55) said: “We voted for the DA, hoping there would be change, but nothing is happening. Political leaders came into our shacks and urged us to vote. Even those we only know from TV were here but now they are nowhere.”
Sipho Mgaga, a DA member from Phomolong, said he needed to explain to residents that the DA was not in power yet.
“Some people are saying they regret voting. The DA is not in power yet – the council has to fix this water problem.”
City of Tshwane regional director Sello Chipu said workers were fixing a burst pipe.
“People should have water by now, but I’ll investigate,” he said.
Source: Daily Sun