Mzansi’s first lady of comedy recounts her rape ordeal after the #RemeberKhwezi protest.
During an exclusive interview with the Citizen, Tumi said she was raped as a girl and that was her first sexual encounter.
According to the report, this ordeal affected Tumi for a year and half but she made a conscious decision to be unapologetic about whom she is.
“I was raped but never spoke about it, till now and it’s probably because of this Khwezi thing” she said
“This was how I lost my virginity,” she added.
However Tumi refuses to allow this encounter to bring her down, rather she uses this ordeal as motivation.
“I have an erection every time I walk on stage, a big troubling erection because this is one thing that could have ended me, but instead it gave me strength to work harder,” Tumi says.
Sharing her rape ordeal comes after a national debate on rape, after four women held a silent protest during President Jacob Zuma’s speech in Pretoria IEC result centre.