The EFF announced at a media briefing in Alexandra on Wednesday that it would not go into a coalition with any political party, but that it would vote with the Democratic Alliance in the Tshwane, Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni and Nelson Mandela Bay metros.
EFF leader Julius Malema briefed the media. Here are some of the more memorable quotes from the briefing:
  1. - "What makes me happy is that Zuma is staying in a municipality not run by the ANC, working in a municipality not run by the ANC."
  2. - "You took collective responsibility... you will be punished collectively."
  3. - "The ANC had a choice to choose between Zuma and metros and they chose Zuma."
  4. - "Tshwane Mayor [Solly Msimanga] is a genuine human being. He doesn't put on an accent for whites like Mmusi."
  5. - "We are not going to have a country run by druggies called celebrities. We are humiliating them now."
  6. - "We asked them to help us to nationalise banks and remove Die Stem. They were ready to talk."
  7. - "Mmusi says is like asking Jews to sing a Nazi song."
  8. - "This is the start of removing the ANC from power."
  9. - "We were caught between two devils and we had to choose. We could not be neutral."
  10. - "DA must know, our voting for them in these metros does not mean we are in bed together. They are the lesser devil."
source: News24