Julius Malema's accusations are a joke there is no way we can pay 22 artists R5 Million each that means we have R110 million - Reggie Nkabinde
Our morale is high, our artist's spirits is high after these allegations we will not be distracted- Nkabinde 
I owned #MabalaNoise before I was a TG of ANCYL so we are not channeling money from the government- Nkabinde
There is no personal relationship between me and Nomvula Mokonyane, I have political mentors, she is like my mother- Nkabinde #MabalaNoise

Nkabinde says he has a mother-son relationship with Nomvula Monkonyane #MabalaNoise

Nasty C chose #MabalaNoise over Roc Nation because we are not in a business of exploiting our artists unlike major record labels- Nkabinde

Hence Nasty C said he has a business deal as opposed to a "contract" - Nkabinde #MabalaNoise

Major record companies use you today and tomorrow you're out, at #MabalaNoise we support our artist no matter what- Nkabinde

"I don't know of any beef between me and Julius, although we know call him "jealous"

Malema enjoys going to court, I will not entertain that- Nkabinde #MabalaNoise

Malema said he has proof. If anyone needs proof they should consult him- Nkabinde #MabalaNoise

I will engage Malema on a political platform when the time comes now we urge that he supports the African child- Nkabinde #MabalaNoise