During an interview with Arye Kellman on CliffCentral, kwaito star Mshoza spoke about her journey in the music industry, as well as her struggles with the media. 
The muso, who has had her fair share of both positive and negative publicity over the years, opened up about the difference between the music industry then and now, and why she has remained relevant for so long. 
Speaking about how the industry has changed, Mshoza says that getting noticed these days is lot more difficult.
“There’s more competition than before. Also, media-wise, there’s so many media houses and so many artists that it’s not it’s not easy to get attention as we used to before.” 
When questioned about why she thinks people still talk about her after all these years, the star says it’s a case of the media just being drawn to her. “I can’t really elaborate on that. The truth is, there’s a few of us that can keep up with that, and it’s not because you want to. It’s just maybe because the media is attracted to you.” 
Even in her absence from the industry, she says people kept talking. “There’s a time where I just disappeared, but I’d still read about me, I’d still hear about me on the radio, people talking and all that. So they just love the name and they are interested in whatever I do.” 
Comparing herself to Brenda Fassie, she further explained that she did not go looking for attention from the media, but received it anyway.
 “So it’s not something that I go and look for, it’s just something that I guess is with me. I think your Brenda Fassies’ had that, you know, whereby she drops a teaspoon, they write about it. So I guess I’m one of those.”