Talk now of coalitions will take place to see who governs the metro with a 50%+1 majority.

The DA’s victory in Nelson Mandela Bay is not quite cut-and-dry. The party did not win an outright majority and must now form a coalition in order to run the metro. It's also no ordinary loss for the ANC.

The ruling party has lost its grip in an area that embodies the governing party's rich struggle history.

It appears metro residents have stood up against poor service delivery and a lack of economic opportunities.

ANC mayoral candidate Danny Jordaan might have to make way for the DA’s Athol Trollip.

That's provided he can form a coalition of course.

The DA leads with 46.6 percent, the ANC has 41 percent, the EFF is on five percent and fr holds 1.8 percent of the NMB vote.