Candy came out once and for all squashed her engagement rumours.

It was reported by Move! magazine that Candy was to marry a local businessman named Tom.
“Tom proposed last month and she greed to be his wife. Right now, Tom’s elders are preparing to go to Candy’s family for lobola negotiations,” the source told Move!.
But Candy told TMG Entertainment an entirely different story, “That is not true. Right now, I’m just working on promoting my new album. My career and brand are main priorities right now. Also, I’m focusing on my children’s organisation, Tsa Mandebele Foundation,” she said.
Candy did however tell TMG Entertainment that she is in a relationship at the moment, but has no plans of getting married anytime soon.
“There is someone very close to my heart, but I don’t like speaking about my personal life in public,” she said.
Source: TMG Entertainment