It’s been more than 10 months since AKA and Bonang’s whirlwind romance took the nation by storm- and despite their rocky start the pair have certainly become one of the country’s super couples.

In the past few months they’ve also done a complete u-turn from trying to keep their romance out of the public eye to flaunting how loved-up they are.
They’ve shared many firsts on social media with their fans like their first red carpet appearance together‚ their beach baecation earlier this year and the abundance of daily spoils they shower each other with.
Now in their first ‘official’ interview together the couple spoke to YOU magazine and have revealed telling details about their romance.
Speaking about the stage that their romance is at‚ the lovebirds explained that they’re just focusing on being happy.
Even though they’ve been together for more than 10 months they don’t want to put time frames to their relationship‚ which includes meeting each other’s families.
This includes AKA’s daughter baby Kairo. When asked about when they’re planning to take things to the next level‚ AKA said that it’s all about being the right time.
“All in good time. I think it comes down to the readiness of myself‚ Bonang and Kairo’s mother‚” the rapper said about introducing bae to his daughter.
The rapper went on to add that they have lots of plans as a couple but prefer to not talk about them.
“We just want to make each other happy one day at a time. I want to do whatever I can to make her (Bonang) happy.”
As reported by TMG Entertainment in May this year AKA and his baby mama DJ Zinhle aired their dirty laundry on social media after Zinhle’s home was featured on Top Billing. AKA took aim at Zinhle in a tell-all Twitter rant calling her out for having pictures of him and his mother in her home‚ while there are no pictures of her family.
A day after the massive Twitter war‚ AKA’s mom Lynn Forbes was dragged into the feud. In a string of tweets Lynn gave her side of things‚ which included revealing that she has asked to meet Bonang.
“I have asked to meet Bonang on many occasions and that offer still stands ... I am still waiting. When you are ready ‚” she said at the time.

Source: sundayworld