It seems Mr Steal Your Grandma has a partner in looking fine when it comes to toned bodies.

If you don’t know “Mr Take Your Grandma” who has been trending lately, let us tell you a little bit about him.
Irvin Randle is a stylish grandfather from the USA, Texas, who set social media alight this past week after his good looks were shared.
According to his Instagram profile, Randle, 54, is an elementary school teacher from Houston, and has a body some of us can only hope for at age 22. In his pictures, the “old man” is spotted in stylish clothes and some with his upper body bared for the world to see, showing his toned muscles.
The pictures went viral on Instagram with the hashtag #MrStealYourGrandMa, with some ladies suggesting that younger men should follow suit and work on their bodies.
This did not sit well with men on social media. They fired back, and painfully so, as they used a woman we all know.
The mother of Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo, Modiehi Thulo, also set Twitter alight this weekend with her toned body. Men who got offended by Randle’s pictures hit back, saying that if women want to create a standard for how men should look, they should at least try to look like Thulo.
However, Thulo is not the only one of the Thulo women who made it big on Twitter for her toned body.