Some sad news for all popular telenovela Ashes to Ashes fans.

ETV announced that the soapie will come to an end next month on Friday, 2 September at 8PM.

The channel confirmed the news in a statement, they wrote: "After two successful seasons of high drama,’s telenovela Ashes to Ashes comes to an end with a nail-biting finale on Friday, 2 September at 8PM.  Ashes to Ashes is set against the backdrop of Namane Funerals, a family-owned business in Tembisa. The funeral parlour is headed by husband and wife duo, Mandlakazi and Selogile Namane, who inherited it from their parents. The pair have created an empire with the assistance of their children Tsietsi, Reba and the late Monwabisi Namane. On the surface, all looks well, but season two saw the Namane family haunted by a deep, dark secret about the murder of Nomzamo Mazibuko. The details were constantly swept under the carpet to keep the family intact, but the truth always comes to light in the end."

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Managing Director of Marlon Davids said: “We are pleased with the success of Ashes to Ashes and humbled by the loyal following that the telenovela enjoyed over its two-season run.”
He further said: “Part of our strategy is to ensure that we keep the 8PM slot fresh, with gripping, authentic local content that resonates across South Africa. As a result, we will be saying goodbye to Ashes to Ashes and introducing a new telenovela, which will debut on Monday 5 September at 8PM.”
Many fans are heartbroken about the news and have took to social media to express their opinions and views.