From druggie allegations to dodgy tenders, Julius Malema has a firepool full of insults. And most of them are taking aim at our local celebs. Get out those umbrellas cause the shade here is outta control.

1. AKA
It's no secret that AKA is firmly ANC, and when the ANC won 43% of the vote in Johannesburg, he celebrated.
So when Malema said, "A druggie was saying 'we won Joburg' kere [I said] yoh, drugs are dangerous. These artists, the way he's so innocent, he took nyaope and thought 43% is winning. He thinks it's simple like that," he continued, adding that a "drunkard minister retweeted the druggie."

AKA responded, by saying he was honoured.

“If Julius is indeed referring to me, man what a day!! With everything on his plate, and he still has time to think of me?! I'm honoured,” AKA tweeted.
2. Kelly Khumalo
Afro-pop singer Kelly Khumalo has proven to be a source of deep puzzlement for the chief red beret.
"As I speak‚ I'm trying to think what is Kelly Khumalo's hit… what is she known for? But she is pocketing between ten thousand and fifteen thousand rands for every appearance she makes at an ANC event‚" Malema said in July.
Maybe he should ask whoever arranged the EFF’s anniversary line-up in 2014, when Kelly Khumalo performed for the red party. Awks. 
3. Arthur Mafokate
He further seems to think musical hits are less like fine wine, and more like milk, as he lambasted kwaito legend Arthur Mafokate.
"The ANC spends thousands of rands on useless‚ expired artists such as Arthur Mafokate to perform and sing songs that aren’t even trending in this day and age - but he gets ten thousand for expired songs‚" said Malema.
“I just dropped Habaswe a week ago and it has been trending. Maybe ‘expired’ has a different meaning to him,” Mafokate fired back.

He also pointed out that he performed at ANC events pro-bono, insisting that he was never paid.
4. Riky Rick
Julius Malema named Riky Rick as one of the artists he said was given R5 million to sign up with Mabala Noise, a company Malema said was headed by ANC Youth League treasurer general Reggie Nkabinde.

Rick wasn’t charmed.

"Bhek... There is no R5million I ever received from anyone... @Julius_S_Malema DO NOT LIE TO THE PEOPLE," wrote Riky on Twitter.
Mbala Noise also went on to dispute the claims made by Malema saying he must produce evidence to back up his allegations.
5. Winnie Modise
Known as Khetiwe of Generations, Malema tore into the actress saying she tried to lure his supporters away using her celebrity status.
“She has the arrogance of ANC” Malema said referring to Khetiwe “Khetiwe of Khapela of all the people” Malema said.