The silent rape protest that happened during President Jacob Zuma's speech over the weekend has sparked conversation all over social media.
The four woman protested by holding up sheets of paper written "10 years on"‚ "1 in 3"‚ and "Remember Kwezi"- in reference to the woman who accused Zuma of raping her in 2006.
Yesterday, musician and activist Ntsiki Mazwai took to Twitter to share her views on rape and women abuse using the hashtag - #1in3.
1 in 3 women are women experience physical or sexual violence.
In her series of tweets, Ntsiki also shared graphic descriptions of her own rape ordeal.
Ntsiki further revealed that she had once been raped by someone in the entertainment industry.
"An industry guy once forced his dick inside me," Ntsiki tweeted. However, she didn't name the person that assaulted her.

She went on to explain how she tried to push him off of her but that in the end he managed to overpower her.
Here are the descriptive tweets: