Local afro-soul singer Zonke Dikana is celebrating after her latest album Work of the Heart was recently certified platinum.

The star‚ who returned to music late last year with a new album took to Instagram on Wednesday to reflect on her 15-year music journey.
Zonke listed her previous work’s achievements before announcing that her latest album has gone platinum. This barely 10 months after its release in September last year.
Zonke thanked all of her fans for their support‚ adding that it is because of them that she is able to have such longevity in the industry.
“Thank you so much for the love and endless support‚ it’s given me longevity. I always go against the grain but you always shelter me from the rain. Thank you for loving me‚” she wrote.
Talking to Gareth Cliff on his CliffCentral radio show earlier this year‚ Zonke revealed that despite her success she has no interest in fame.
Reflecting on the stories her father would tell her about music and the sabotage they would experience on stage‚Zonke said: “Those stories are still with me‚ those are the stories that make me not feel bad about being the kind of person that I am‚ the kind of artist that stays out of sight. I don’t feel bad about not being at each and every event…I really don’t because those are the type of stories that are still ringing in my ears. These are the kinds of things that happen within the industry.”