Nicki Minaj- A popular hiphop artist cum rapper has always been known to be the most controversial yet the best female rapper. Nicki Minaj is also popularly known for her humongous butt that has seen most of her videos get millions of hits on YouTube.

Pictured above is Nicki Minaj showing off her beautiful ass in the Anaconda music video that almost broke the internet.

That aside, a crowd of Nicki Minaj's fans recently almost disengaged Nicki Minaj's clothes from her body in a recent performance. Apparently, the bootylicious female rapper was twerking really really close to the crowd who then decided to shower her with love by grabbing her butt.

It almost looked like they were trying to find out if Nicki Minaj's butt was real. If you haven't watched the video on YouTube, check it out below;

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