We take a look inside the seriously stunning home of South Africa's style and fashion icon, Bonang Matheba.
Of course everything is custom designed, specifically to Queen B's impeccable taste. "Everything in my house is custom-made. I got an interior designer to come in and make sure that everything fits perfectly," she said. - As one does. 
"My home is very neutral, always very cream. With pops of pink here and there," Bonang reveals. She also explains how she likes to change up the colour. "One day it be green, one day it's black. Today it's pink, tomorrow you might come back and it will be grey." 
The theme also extends to her bedroom. We see neutral colours on the walls and bed linen with sparkly accents. Then a bright pink lounge chair in the corner!
She also shows us some of her favourite fashion pieces from her closet.
To see how the other half lives, you can watch the full clip below: