"Black girl magic" has been inspiring women of colour around the world, and some of South Africa's top female celebrities have embraced the phrase.
The phrase celebrates the power and beauty of black women, as well as their resilience to prosper despite their challenges.
Celebrities like Bonang Matheba and Nomzamo Mbatha have used the hashtag while sharing amazing achievements in their career.
While there are mixed feelings about the phrase, its power to influence young black women to believe in themselves is evident.
Several high profile women revealed what they think about 'black girl magic' in the August issue of Destiny magazine, in celebration of Women's Month. 
Rapper Fifi Cooper feels 'black girl magic' is about embracing who you are as a black woman. 
"It starts as we grow up, from what our mothers teach us about culture, about loving ourselves and being comfortable in out own skins. Black girls do have magic..."

Model-turned-fashion-show-producer Andiswa Manxiwa loves the positive nature behind the movement. 
"For me, it's a very powerful and positive movement that celebrates the power of black women. It's about redefining and reclaiming what's always been there, but has never been recognised." 
Rharha Nembhard, creative director at Petite Noir and Noirwave, says that while she appreciates the affirmation of black women, "the term reduces them to just their colour".
"Terms that box women into one category or stereotype are subconscious forms of oppression. All women are magical if they choose to believe so. A diamond doesn't have to prove it's a diamond, it simply shines."