Without even being involved in it, AKA finds his name dragged into a feud between two women aimed at his confidant, Da L.E.S.
Real name Leslie Mampe, DA L.E.S has been caught in the wake of a twar between the mother of his child and partner, Aurea Alexander and her bestie, Missy Roberts.
Aurea called out Missy in a series of tweets on Monday morning, letting her know that L.E.S is now ‘single’ and she can ‘upgrade’ from being his side lover.
Missy responded by dismissing the accusations.

PLOT TWIST! Now enter the SupaMega. The fact that AKA’s share of relationship drama was played out on social media was linked to how now Da L.E.S’ is. With both rappers allegedly cheating on the mother of their babies with their friends, Twitter couldn’t resist throwing shade.