Cape Town – kykNET's popular amateur cooking show Kokkedoor that spawned a baking spin-off Koekedoor is hatching again: a brand-new spin-off for kids called Kokkedoortjie looking for kids between 9 and 13 to compete and make glorious creations in the kitchen.
Similar to shows like MasterChef that spawned the adorable Junior MasterChef, kykNET (DStv 144) has commissioned a new Kokkedoor spin-off that will follow tweens baking and making in the kitchen with this version that is moving from the small Western Cape town of Tulbagh and will be filmed in Cape Town.
Koekedoor judge Mari-Louis Guy will return, along with Kokkedoor chef Nic van Wyk.
With the Kokkedoortjie kids version, a guardian like grandma, mother, grandpa or dad will not only be looking on but also be roped in to help in some of the food preparation challenges.
"Kokkedoortjie is absolutely custom-made for the next generation of young chefs, but we're not forgetting the grown-ups,' Errieda du Toit, Kokkedoor and Kokkedoortjie content producer tells Channel24.
"With this new version we're bringing in a bit of the grown-up to help, but this will be the playpen of children, to literally play with food, to demonstrate the joy of food to viewers, and to make young people excited about making and creating with food," says Errieda du Toit.
"Any child between 9 and 13 can enter for Kokkedoortjie. The child doesn't need to be any kind of 'great chef' or a fantastic food maker. I would recommend that you should enter your child for Kokkedoortjie if your kid shows a healthy interest in food and creating and working with food".
"It will be a wonderful experience for any child interested in food, in a very safe environment. Kids are like sponges, in the two weeks they will soak up and learn more about food than even the grown-ups have in this show," says Errieda du Toit.
"If your child has an interest, enter. Also enter for the right reasons - not to become famous, that's a bonus. It's about stimulating a young brain in an area that they're interested in."
"Kokkedoortjie will be produced in such a way that the grown-up – a parent or grandparent – is incorporated into a part of the show's challenges: advising, coming up with a plan and listening to bounce off ideas."
"Then, once the decisions have been for a particular challenge about this is what we're making, then that child gets access to the most wonderful, fantastic, fantasy kitchen to create and make and play."
‘Colour outside the lines’
"So there's some basic skills that's needed. A child will have to already be able to work with a knife. A child will have to already have experience of being able to fry and cook an egg. Just cooking basics. It's about not being scared to be in a kitchen."
"A lot of safeguards, planning and structure have been built into the kids version that a kid will never tire or be placed under stress. And only one challenge per episode, so Kokkedoortjie won't be like Kokkedoor where the adults are really put through their paces."
"Kokkedoortjie will be a much more calmer process. What we want from the kid contestants in Kokkedoortjie is what we as adults often struggle so much with: to be creative and to fiercely create fearlessly. We are going to tell the children: Yes. You are completely allowed to fully colour outside of the lines!" says Errieda.  
Parents who want to enter their kids will have to be available for filming between 30 September to 8 October in Cape Town (successful candidates will be provided transport and accommodation for the duration).
People who want to enter can email Liezel Loubser at Homebrewfilms Entries close on 8 August.