ISIDINGO actor Darlington Michaels has come out with guns blazing against his baby mama, Xoli Mkhize.

In a reply to her allegations that he owes her, Darlington, who plays Georgie Zamdela in the SABC3 soapie, said Xoli is a liar.

“The only truth she told in the whole story is that we have kids together. The rest is a lie,” the actor said.

He said he never tried to sleep with any girl in the cast.

“As an elderly person, I respect myself too much to be called a blesser. I also respect my profession. I can’t sleep with my cast,” said Georgie.

Papa G said the allegations tarnished his reputation.

“I was hurt. It nearly destroyed my family,” he said.

Georgie said it wasn’t only his image that was damaged, but his company’s too.

He denied firing Xoli from the company.

He said the person who fired Xoli and four other people was the production manager, Xoli Noah.

Noah confirmed he fired Xoli and four other people for misbehaving while they were on tour in Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape, in May.

Noah told Sunday Sun: “Mr Michaels wasn’t even there. I had to take the decision and later called him about it because they were disrespectful to other cast members and caused drama.”

Noah said Xoli vowed to take Georgie to the newspapers if she got fired.

Xoli couldn’t be reached for comment.