Nollywood actress Adediwura Adesegha is not afraid to tell it like it is.

Affectionately known as Blackgold by her fans the big bosomed actress is never afraid to voice her opinions.
Speaking to Nigeria’s, the actress shared her views on the topic of sex and relationships.
Adesegha told the publication that sexual gratification ranks very high on her list of requirements in a man and she believes that women should not be afraid to take charge in such matters.
“My lifestyle doesn’t revolve around any man, if you can’t satisfy me in bed, I will let you know you cannot satisfy me .We will find a way out. I will tell you this is the way I want you to do it. Give it to me this way. I am an adult, I see no reason why I should shy away from that if I really think he is okay enough for me,” she was quoted saying.
“My own view about sex is enjoying yourself. If I feel like having it, I will. If I don’t feel like, then I keep myself. I can decide to have it Monday to Friday, if I have the strength and if the man is there for me,” she revealed.
The actress who is currently single has no plans of walking down the aisle soon.
"Having a man to oneself is another job entirely. You have to search, open your eyes and pray. Its not something you just say ‘okay, I love him’, while what you have for him is not real. Some will be in love at the beginning but later, as the year rolls by, the love goes off. As regards when I will marry, I will keep you posted," she told Dailypost last yea