Contrary to speculation Dineo Ranaka has denied that she is being paid by the ANC to represent them.

As local government elections draw near‚ Dineo has taken to social media to post more and more about the ruling party‚ leading to one Instagram fan asking if Dineo was being paid to promote the ruling party.
“Dineo‚ out of curiosity‚ and just between myself‚ you and the rest of Instagram‚ are you being paid by the ANC to represent them?” the user asked.
And while she was recently accused of treating a social media fan harshly over a matric dress request‚ Dineo was far more pleasant in her response this time.
Describing herself as an “active supporter“‚ Dineo told the fan that her church doesn’t pay for her support and neither does her political party.
“I’m the kind of ANC supporter that doesn’t just sit on the sidelines and complain or the kind that discredits their political party of choice. I take part‚ I stand‚ I rise and use my power of influence to hold conversations with decision makers to attempt to influence them to serve us better. I’m an active supporter. My church doesn’t pay me for my support‚ neither does my political party of choice‚” she said.
Dineo’s comment come in the same week as a rant from well-known rapper and ANC supporter AKA.
Talking to Twitter this week‚ AKA defended his political views and said that he will not remain silent in political debates just because he is an entertainer.
“I’m just trying to use my platform to steer young people in what I believe is the right direction ..... That’s all it is.I am not a politician .... I am a musician. This is 2016. Now you tell me who the kids are listening to?” he tweeted.