KALAWA JAZMEE artist Candy Mokwena, aka “Kalawa Chikita”, is said to be frustrated and wants out.
The musician is known for her hit single, Tsa Mandebele, which earned her and DJ Oskido a Metro FM Music Award in 2013.
It’s alleged tables have turned as she hasn’t been getting gigs and her studio album wasn’t promoted as well as her single.
A source told Sunday Sun: “She’s been trying to get her music heard, but nothing is helping. It’s like she’s been hit by a ghost. At some point she was high up there in the music scene, but now all that has faded away.”
Another source claimed: “From the start she made the wrong decision, but she was to excited to join.
“Look at her now, with no airplay and no word from her bosses about her situation under the label.
“She’s not getting many gigs any more and when she does get a gig people only dance to Tsa Mandebele.
“Her other songs, which haven’t been promoted, only chase people away from the dance floor.”
A third source told the People’s Paper: “Her last gig was during the Easter Weekend at an unveiling in Limpopo, which I doubt she got paid for.
“Candy is between a rock and a hard place. She wants to leave the label, but doesn’t know who to contact regarding her departure from Kalawa.
“No one from management is answering her calls. But she only has herself to blame for her bad decision to sign under these ruthless guys.”
Yesterday Candy said: “I don’t want to talk about such things. I’d like to tell my fans I’ll be fine.”
Kalawa Jazmee boss, Oskido Mdlongwa, was not available for comment.