Ever wondered what it takes to be in SA entertainment? Well not education, according to media personality Bonang Matheba.
Speaking to a crowd for The Masters of Success project in Namibia earlier this year Bonang said that “Honestly in entertainment you don’t need to be educated,” she then went on to say that “although you can be educated, this is my belief, you have to be born to do it.”
She also touched on the difference between natural and book taught talent, “You can teach somebody to be a fantastic presenter, they can be a fantastic TV presenter/TV host, but the somebody who was born to do it, will always be better than the somebody who went to school for it”.
She also said that education would actually be of value if “you want to go into the behind the scenes, the TV production, the camera work, the lights, the knitty gritty stuff, the business side of education then yes, but when you are on TV, it’s something completely different, absolutely different”.
To be on screen doesn’t require you to be educated, but doing the behind the scenes work does.
Source: Masters of success Namibia