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SABC 3 - Bold and the Beautiful Teasers February - March 2019 #BoldandtheBeautiful

Bold and the Beautiful Teasers February 2019 – Upcoming SABC3 drama series ‘Bold and the Beautiful teaser, previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for February 2019.

Coming up on Bold and the Beautiful this February 2019:

Thursday 14 February 2019
Episode 41 (7754)

Steffy desperately struggles to convince Liam that they can overcome this latest obstacle in their marriage. In a vulnerable moment, Bill reveals his true feelings about Steffy to Justin who gives him hope about his possible romantic future with his daughter-in-law.

When Hope wonders if infidelity had something to do with Liam and Steffy’s current problems, Sally lays claim to Liam if his marriage doesn’t work out.

Friday 15 February 2019
Episode 42 (7755)

Brooke and Ridge enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed. Ridge happily shares with Brooke that he took the liberty of drafting annulment papers and that Carter is currently serving them to Bill.

Carter senses Maya’s distraction and asks her if she revealed to Rick that he confessed his feelings to her.

Rick and Thorne discuss Ridge and Quinn’s betrayal of him to Eric and confess that they don’t think Ridge is worthy of Brooke. They continue by asking him to allow them to step up at Forrester Creations instead of Ridge, essentially ousting him from the company.

Bill surprises Carter and Justin with his reaction to the annulment papers.

Monday 18 February 2019
Episode 43 (7756)

Ridge holds a family meeting, minus Thorne, to announce his impending marriage to Brooke. Rick asks Brooke if she is sure about wanting to become Ridge’s wife. Ridge tells the group they would love to include Thorne, if he can be supportive.

Bill is in shock when Steffy reveals Liam’s final words and actions, then let’s Steffy know that his marriage to Brooke is officially over.

Brooke visits Steffy to ask her to be her matron of hone and realizes that something is terribly wrong. Rick, Ridge and Ivy ponder the identity of the woman that Bill is possibly involved with.

Tuesday 19 February 2019
Episode 44 (7757)

Ridge barges into Bill’s office, catching his nemesis of guard and wondering if Ridge could possibly know about his night with Steffy. Brooke tries to get the truth out of Steffy about what could have possibly caused such a rift between her and Liam.

Thorne is taken by surprise when Maya reveals that Brooke’s marriage to Bill is annulled and she is free to marry Ridge immediately. Nicole gives Thorne good advice about Brooke. Steffy fears Ridge’s reaction to the news about her affair with Bill.

Wednesday 20 February 2019
Episode 45 (7758)

Steffy struggles to tell her father about the real reason behind her and Liam’s ruined relationship.
Despondent and alone, Liam receives a text from Hope asking where he is. Bill dodges Brooke’s questions about the problem between Liam and Steffy. Hope visits Liam and offers her friendship and support.

Thursday 21 February 2019
Episode 46 (7759)

As Steffy continues to recount what happened between her and Bill, Ridge becomes adamant that Bill took advantage of her.

No matter how much Steffy attempts to convince him that what happened was consensual, Ridge chooses to believe otherwise. Bill covers when Brooke questions why Liam and Steffy are having marital problems.

Hope visits Liam in his hotel room and assures her ex-husband that no matter what is going on between him and Steffy, she will always be there to offer her support.

She updates him on what has been going on in her life since she left Los Angeles. Bill is in his office when Justin informs him that Ridge has blown past security and is on his way up to see him.

Friday 22 February 2019
Episode 47 (7760)

Enraged, thinking that Bill took advantage of Steffy, Ridge forcefully confronts his nemesis. Brooke rushes to Steffy to find out more about what’s happening with her and Liam and is shocked when Steffy reveals the truth.

Wyatt shares with Katie what he loves most about her and the two worry about what will happen when Ridge and Brooke find out about Bill and Steffy. Steffy attempts to convince Brooke to calm Ridge down and get through to him that what happened that night with Bill was mutual.

Monday 25 February 2019
Episode 48 (7761)

Steffy is surprised when Hope pays her a visit. Not knowing the situation, Hope reveals to Steffy that Liam still loves her and asks what happened between them.

Wyatt visits Liam in his hotel where Liam shares that he will never forgive Bill for his betrayal. Darlita and Sally talk about Liam and Sally’s hopes to be the woman he turns to if he leaves Steffy for good.

When Sally informs Darlita that there is a new threat in town, Hope Logan, Darlita suggests that they scour information about Hope on the Interweb.

When Liam tells Wyatt that Hope came to visit and took his mind off of Steffy and Bill, Wyatt reminds him that Hope is not his wife.

Tuesday 26 February 2019
Episode 49 (7762)

Having learned Liam’s location from Hope, Steffy arrives and makes a desperate plea for forgiveness. Brooke angrily confronts Bill that he would have an affair with Steffy.

Bill is angry that everyone is demonizing him. Brooke is floored when Bill admits that he is in love with Steffy.  Hope goes to Ridge for information about Steffy and Liam.

Without divulging what happened, Ridge advises Hope not to worry about them or get involved.

Wednesday 27 February 2019
Episode 50 (7763)

Alone and upset about the status of her marriage, Steffy is surprised to find Bill at her door. When Steffy comments about the remnants of his obvious physical altercation with Ridge, Bill plays it off and says he is more worried about her.

Bill tells Steffy that he refuses to live in shame for what he did and again states his love for Steffy.

Hope becomes annoyed to find out that Brooke saw Steffy and that she is pregnant, feeling like everyone is keeping secrets from her. Brooke admits to Hope that Steffy had an affair.

Ridge visits Liam and urges him to stand up for his wife and baby. He tells Liam that Bill needs to be taken down for what he’s done.

Bill attempts to convince Steffy to take better care of herself and her baby then urges her to stand up to the outside forces that are trying to keep them apart.

Thursday 28 February 2019
Episode 51 (7764)

Bill comforts Steffy, who is devastated and heartbroken over the state of her marriage to Liam. Bill asks Steffy to give him a chance; that he will do anything for her and her child.

Hope is shocked to learn that Steffy slept with Bill. Ridge begs Liam to forgive Steffy. Liam is conflicted by his deep pain.

Steffy gives Bill her answer while Liam explains his point of view to Ridge.

Friday 1 March 2019
Episode 52 (7765)

Katie is ecstatic when Brooke asks her to be her Maid of Honor. Thorne accepts Ridge’s request with one stipulation.

Brooke goes to Rick and asks for his blessing before marrying Ridge. Katie and Thorne find themselves in charge of the wedding planning.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs on SABC3 Mondays to Fridays at 17h30.

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