AWARD-WINNING rapper Emtee has allegedly stepped on the toes of an aspiring hip hop producer.
Luna Florentino (20) is angry at Emtee for allegedly disrespecting him on Twitter.
Luna (real name Koketso Ramafuthula), from Rustenburg, told Sunday Sun he tweeted Emtee, asking for his email address.
“I wanted to send him a beat I had made so he could listen to it. But instead, he was arrogant,” said Luna.
He said Emtee’s response threw him off.
Luna said: “I regret tweeting him. In future, I won’t work with him, even if an opportunity avails itself.”
Luna said he didn’t expect such a reaction from Emtee from someone who has just made it in the game.
He said: “In his songs he raps about how he struggled to get into the industry and how doors were shut in his face.” Luna, whose Twitter handle is @Papi_Florentino, tweeted the Roll Up hitmaker on 26 June: @EmteeSA do you have an e-mail address that we can send beats to?
And “Emtee”, real name Mthembeni Ndevu, responded: All my producers are award-winning producers, so I don’t know bruh.
After the response, Emtee was slammed by Twitter users for being arrogant.
“I didn’t like the way he responded to me. He treated me with disrespect, he should have just ignored my tweet instead of being arrogant,” said Luna.
He said he has worked with established rappers like Red Button and hip hop producer Tweezy.
“I co-produced the song Carpe Diem with Red Button for the duo Lore & Ofentic and I also rapped on Tweezy’s song Diamond,” he said.
Tweets criticising Emtee included this one from @Scelo_J: They may be award-winning producers but they started somewhere, and this boy is at that point right now.
@DjMjora tweeted: Give the poor guy a chance, he might come up with something fresh, he didn’t say he wana compete with your producers.
@KaeloMotsatsi tweeted: @Papi_Florentino is a better rapper than @EmteeSA . . . Even more fit for the industry than him!”
But Emtee didn’t back down, he tweeted: S’yasebenza la. Abo Idols nabo The Voice banikeza abantu ama chance. La s’yasebenza (We’re working here, shows like Idols and 
The Voice 
give people
a chance).
Emtee confirmed the tweet.
that he only works with award winning producers and that shows like The Voice and Idols give aspiring musicians a chance.
“Yes, that’s what I said. I apologise and feel bad. I didn’t know people would blow the whole tweet out of proportion,” he said.
“If I had Koketso’s contact details I’d call him so we could discuss the matter. Not that I’m arrogant. My focus is on paving the way for people who hustled with me on my way up.”